Electrical Engineering
25 Oct 2022



We are responsible for delivering complex electrical engineering solutions for a variety of collaborative science projects.



CLARA quadrupole and dipole magnets

We work with customers, both on-site and internationally, to produce specifications and handle the procurement, system integration, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of complex engineering systems.

Our team also has extensive knowledge of working with specialist systems such as magnet power converters, vacuum, personal and machine safety, RF, and cryogenics, and we maintain an ISO9001 Quality Management system at every level within the group. 
Our strong commitment to customer focus and continuous improvement raises the bar for the quality of products and services that we can offer. We also undertake research and development into new electrical solutions, collaborating with scientists and engineers we provide new solutions that suit the individual customers' needs.

Our group has capabilities in:
  • Fabrication of control racks and blisters
  • Power quality assessments
  • Functional safety and interlock systems
  • Room/experimental area fit-outs
  • Testing and certification of electrical services
  • 2D Computer-Aided Design (CAD) modelling
  • 3D infrastructure design
  • DC magnet systems
  • Precision motion control
  • High-voltage and low-voltage distribution analysis and simulation
  • Procurement of main and sub-distribution boards
  • Electro-Magnetic Field (EMF) assessments
  • Portable appliance testing
Our team is formed of qualified engineers, designers, and technicians, who successfully deliver across accelerator science, particle physics, and nuclear physics programmes.​

The Electrical Engineering team is part of Daresbury Laboratory's Engineering Technology Centre (ETC). The group works in the Systems Integration Building (also known as the ETC building) across the Large Systems Assembly Area​ and Electrical Integration Area.​

​​​Contact us

​For enquiries regarding electrical engineering, please contact Steve Griffiths.