Engineering Technology Centre
25 Oct 2022






An aerial shot of Daresbury Laboratory and the Sci-Tech Daresbury campus, featuring the Tower Building.
An aerial view of Daresbury 
The Engineering Technology Centre (ETC) at Daresbury Laboratory offers expertise in project management and multi-disciplinary engineering solutions, from conceptual design and simulation, through prototyping and manufacture, to build, testing, installation, and commissioning. 

The ETC delivers an integrated approach to today's scientific and technological challenges by combining mechanical design and analysis, vacuum technology, cryogenics, CNC machining, advanced metrology, electrical systems integration, and intelligent control systems.

Staff members working in the ETC have extensive experience and know-how in delivering integrated engineering systems for particle accelerators, light sources, and laser facilities. They are responsible for the design and assembly of devices ranging from the nanometre scale through to giant detector systems, for experiments at CERN, GSI, and J-PARC to explore fundamental physics. They also operate within a quality management system and are committed to a continual improvement culture, externally audited and certified by the British Standards Institution (BSI) to ISO 9001:201

Many of the recent accelerator systems at Daresbury Laboratory (ALICE, EMMA, VELA) and projects for ISIS, Diamond Light Source, nuclear physics (like AGATA), particle physics (for example, T2K), have been assembled, integrated and tested in the ETC. Its engineers and technicians contribute professional engineering, design, analysis, realisation and ongoing operational support and management of these facilities.​​