04 Apr 2023



W​e provide electronics assembly and packaging services for a range of projects and clients.



Interconnect staff members inspect three staves developed for the
 ATLAS experiement
Electronic devices and systems always need some form of containment. Packaging is the means by which electronics are contained in a safe working environment. This requires that unwanted disturbances are reduced or eliminated, while simultaneously, the required connections to the outside world (stimuli and responses) are passed in or out, unhindered.  Our interconnect capability has focused on the needs of a variety of radiation detectors. Common themes include the need to be able to pass specific electromagnetic radiation and control signals into a sensor and pass the response out for further processing. The responses can be a mix of digital and analogue electronic signals, the latter of which are often digitised and converted to optical signals as soon as possible. To support these needs, we have created the ability to:

  • Design appropriate packaging material, such as circuit boards
  • Form arrays of micro bumps, to prepare devices for flip chip bonding
  • Complete f​lip-chip bonding of large (or small) area arrays
  • Perform die-attach, down to micron-level accuracy
  • Make point-to-point connections by welding tiny wires (wire bonding)
  • Carry out​ inspection and testing, appropriate for small to medium-volume production runs 

Our capabilities are flexible to support the broad range of products we deliver. More than likely they will already support your packaging needs or can be made to do so with minimal development. ​​

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