Detector Development
04 Apr 2023



Our team delivers cutting-edge X-ray and neutron detectors to make novel scientific measurements.



An array of 2x2 CdTe HEXITEC detectors for 
hyperspectral X-ray imaging
We work closely with UK and international facilities and universities to understand their detector requirements needed to make scientific breakthroughs; study advanced materials to improve next-generation detectors; and work with engineers across the department to design and build full detector systems. We look to make the most of our technology by taking our scientific detectors into high-impact applications like medical and security imaging. ​

Our team provides ​a range of expertise and capabilities to develop and deliver radiation detectors for a range of applications, including:

  • Gas, semiconductor and scintillator radiation detector design and manufacture
  • Cd(Zn)Te and other high-Z detector material characterisation​
  • Scintillator characterisation and instrumentation
  • CMOS (complementary metal-oxide semiconductor) and CCD (Charge Coupled Device)
    testing and evaluation
  • He-3 tube and 2D neutron detector design
  • Radiation, optical and detector response simulations
  • Detector readout, mechanics, cooling,​ and integration​
Read about our Detector Laboratory to discover more about where we work.

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For enquiries regarding Detector Development, please contact group leader Matt Wilson.​