Portfolio and Quality Management
25 Oct 2022



We are responsible for managing the Portfolio Management Office and ISO 9001 Quality Management System of the ASTec/Technology at Daresbury portfolio.



The importance of quality managment
We provide​ the following services:

  • Portfolio Management of the ASTeC/TDL Portfolio, including centre of excellence services and ongoing monitoring of portfolio maturity.
  • Management of the DL Quality Management System (QMS), including oversight of external/internal auditing practices and continuous improvement of QMS content.
  • Quality assurance and control services to major projects within the portfolio.
  • Business d​evelopment and early-stage project management of key opportunities for the portfolio.
  • Project Coordination and reporting services to key projects.

We are located across offices at the Tower and SuRF Lab at Daresbury Laboratory.


For any further information on the Portfolio and Quality Management Group, please contact 

Leon Cassidy.