Business Development at Technology
22 Mar 2023



The STFC Technology Department enables businesses to develop solutions in areas where no suitable technology precedent exists.



An aerial view of Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
 (above) and Daresbury Laboratory (below)​
We work with commercial companies across industry sectors on research and development challenges, to design new products and manufacturing processes.

Our engineers and scientists provide technology and instrumentation for world-leading programmes and facilities, which require specialist skills.

Business Development at Technology champions the application of these skills to commercial collaborations and bridges the gap between STFC's pioneering science and business.

Areas of Expertise​

The breadth of technology that we support is enormous, ranging from the microscopic to outer space, including:

  • Radiation detectors – developing x-ray, gamma, and neutron detector systems for extreme environments or demanding requirements.
  • Image sensors – designing custom CMOS sensors for high-end applications using intelligent pixels without compromising on performance.
  • Electronic and control systems – using highly integrated electronic readout solutions and consulting on control systems for real-time operating systems.
  • Cryo-coolers – accessing world-leading experts in cryogenic systems and laboratory equipment for component testing at very low temperatures.
  • Magnets – experimenting with very high magnetic fields and utilising our long history of designing and building superconducting magnets.
  • Composite materials – manufacturing components using our in-house formulations and testing materials using mechanical and thermal techniques.
  • Clean energy research – collaborating on new and renewable energy technologies using the kW-scale facilities at our test site.
  • Modelling and simulation – consulting on Finite Element Analysis, computer-aided design, and drafting for complex and high-value studies.

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The Technology Department works with clients from a wide range of industries including:

  • Energy
  • Electronics
  • Healthcare
  • Materials
  • Security
  • Aerospace

For more information on our partnerships, why not explore our Business Case S​tudies?

Benefits of working with us

Working with the Technology Department allows businesses to undertake novel R&D at a risk level beyond what is available in the private sector. Our commercial collaborations result in first-of-a-kind and market-leading products, which utilise leading-edge technologies from the science programme.

Many of our activities are covered by certificated ISO9001 Quality Management Systems, ensuring ​that our processes and procedures meet international standards.

Flexible Engagement Models

From one-off contracts to multi-partner, long-term collaborations in partnership with academia, each individual project can be precisely tailored to customer requirements.


For more information, ​please contact our Business Development Manager Alexandra Bromhead​.