Energy Research
25 Oct 2022



Since 1978, we have carried out a wide range of innovative research on new and renewable energy technologies, and played a major role in creating the UK's wind energy industry.



The Energy Research Unit Test Site and Britwind turbine
Our historic areas of expertise include:
  • wind energy – in particular, the integration of renewable electricity into electricity grids, wind resource estimation, condition monitoring, and the non-destructive testing of blades.
  • energy storage – including flywheels, batteries, and hydrogen.

Our work has been funded​​ by a wide range of bodies including the Research Councils, the ​European Commission, the Carbon Trust, Government Departments, and InnovateUK.

More recently we have focused on the production and use of "green ammonia". Our Energy Research Unit (ERU) hosts the "Green Ammonia Research Centre" - an outdoor test facility available for use by UK academics. The centre is currently hosting the £4.3M DESNZ-funded (Department for Energy Security and Net Zero​ASPIRE2 project.​

We are also a founding member of the UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC) and have created the UKERC Energy Data Centre, which is a nationally important resource containing information and data relevant to UK energy research and development. For further information, see our Energy Data Centre ​page.​

Energy research is incredibly multi-disciplinary; consequently, ERU staff have a wide range of abilities – ranging from finite element modelling and meteorology, through data science and database science, to applied electrical and mechanical engineering – and are skilled in ​applying these abilities in collaboration with one another to solve problems. We are also experienced in running long-lived facilities (both hardware and databases), measured in decades, and proactively extending these services into new areas as opportunities evolve.​

Further information can be found on the Energy Research Unit website ​and​ on the
UKERC Energy​ Data Centre website.

Contact us
​For enquiries regarding ​energy research, please contact Tristan Davenne.​