Projects and Mechanical Engineering (DL)
12 Jan 2023



We are a centre of excellence for project management and precision engineering, with expertise in the design and delivery of particle accelerators, detectors, and scientific instrumentation for high-profile international research facilities.



A 3D CAD model of a Hi-Lumi RFD Crab Cavity 
module for CERN
We specialise in providing leading-edge technology, engineering, and support to current and future scientific research facilities worldwide. Working at the forefront of scientific endeavour is only possible with a dedicated engineering staff that can turn scientific objectives into reality. Our team is made up of technical project managers, mechanical engineers, and designers with a wide range of experience encompassing particle accelerators, nuclear physics, lasers, and space.

Project Management

We have in-depth project management experience that includes:

  • Project initiation

  • Bid development (case for support)

  • Scope of work documentation and project management plans

  • Developing and executing quality assurance planning, governance, and reporting

  • Change control procedures and management

  • Risk management

Mechanical Engineering

We have a long history of delivering innovative mechanical engineering solutions for a variety of complex technological challenges, ranging from designing large-scale facilities to small micrometre precision systems.

We are experienced in designing, analysing, and building complex mechanical systems within a project environment and are capable of creating innovative and functional designs that consider factors such as performance, efficiency, manufacturability, safety, and environmental impact.

Our technical abilities include the following:

  • Development of technical specifications for mechanical systems from high-level requirements

  • Delivery of work that fulfils the technical specification, within schedule and budget constraints

  • Provision of innovative and cost-effective design solutions to challenging technical problems

  • Design visualisation and development through computer-aided design (CAD) modelling, finite element analysis (FEA), computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and thermal analysis

  • Production of detailed drawings for manufacture and assembly

  • Prototyping and conducting physical tests, analysing results, and making necessary iterations

  • Compliance, ensuring that designs comply with industry standards, codes, and regulations

  • Researching and developing activities that push the boundaries of technology and innovation

  • Exploring new materials, design methodologies, manufacturing techniques, and emerging technologies to develop next-generation mechanical systems

Quality Assurance

We operate an ISO 9001:2015 accredited Quality Management System (QMS) that is regularly audited both internally and externally. The QMS covers all aspects of our operation and delivery and is key to ensuring that we continually drive for improvement and deliver high-quality services. Our QMS enables us to work with greater efficiency, better understand our customers' needs, regulate successful working practices and increase customer satisfaction.

Areas of expertise

​Our areas of expertise include:

  • ​Design for vacuum, laser, radio frequency (RF), and cryogenics applications including vacuum optics and high-power RF devices requiring CFD

  • Facility, machine,​ and systems integration including full facility layouts, service integration, design of support structures, metrology and alignment, procurement, and the coordination and supervision of installations

  • Assembly tooling and handling equipment including the design and process development for assembly in cleanroom environments, development of assembly procedures and travellers, and design of lifting equipment to BS EN 13155

  • Quality control and design for transportation including quality control experience with high-volume production activities, developing quality control techniques and working within customer-provided lifecycle management systems

  • Utilising 3D CAD packages and product data management (PLM) systems including PTC CREO and Windchill PDM, Solid Edge and Teamcentre PDM, and AutoCAD Mechanical.

Facilities and tools

We are located in the iconic tower building, occupying several offices and meeting spaces on the first floor, including a large open-plan design office that provides a collaborative working environment for over 30 engineers, designers, and proje​ct managers.

We use the latest high-performance computers with the advanced processing capabilities needed to handle large complex 3D models and the most challenging stress, fluid dynamics, or thermal simulations. Product data management software and robust data storage and recovery systems help our engineers manage and exchange vast amounts of computational data with stakeholders worldwide. 

Our team has a wealth of experience in utilising a suite of industry-standard CAD, visualisation, and analysis tools that provide us with the flexibility to design and develop innovative engineering solutions for a range of national and international customers.

Contact us​

​For enquiries regarding projects and mechanical engineering, please contact Richard Smith​.​