Mechanical, Metrology and Technical Engineering (DL)
25 Oct 2022



We are a large and diverse team of expert technicians and engineers working across a range of bespoke world-class large-scale engineering projects.



A group of our MMTE staff members

Working in collaboration with other teams in the Daresbury Laboratory Engineering Technology Centre (ETC), we deliver projects for the UK and international clients.

Made up of four teams (sections), we have extensive experience and expertise in the specification, design, project management, manufacture, alignment, contamination control, procurement, lifting and transportation, system integration, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of complex engineering systems.

Our capabilities include:

  • Precision computer numerical control (CNC) manufacturing 

  • Precision additive manufacturing

  • Procurement of bespoke manufactured parts

  • System fabrication

  • Coded welding, vacuum, and cryogenic system welding

  • Metrology

  • Contamination control 

  • Cleanroom design, calibration, and validation

  • Vacuum systems expertise

  • Vacuum system integration

  • Large systems integration

  • Precision assembly

  • Lifting and moving of complex, fragile, and expensive equipment

  • Operational oversight including health and safety management

Our facilities include:

  • ​Large capacity assembly areas with 30-​tonne overhead crane coverage for large systems integration

  • Calibrated ultra-low particulate ISO 4 (class 10) cleanrooms, both fixed and mobile​

  • Vibration analysis systems

  • Precision engineering manufacture including CAD/CAM, CNC (including 5-axis), rapid prototyping using ABS plastic and metal ​additive manufacturing (AM), inspection, metrology and calibration

  • Survey and alignment capability including laster trackers, autocollimator, total station, coordinate measuring machines (CMM)​, and FARO

  • Arm, area 3D scanners and precision levels enabling precise alignment of complex instruments

  • Welding and fabrication facilities

  • Complex rigging, moving, and installation services

We are committed to continuous improvement and staff development. We work within a Quality Management System and are ISO9001: 2015 accredited. 

We also have a vibrant staff training programme that includes our excellent apprenticeships, helping us to develop the technicians and engineers we need to focus on custo​mer requirements and innovative solutions - including the research necessary to enhance our capability to meet our client's changing needs and technological progression. ​

Contact us

​For enquiries regarding mechanical, metrology, and technical engineering, please contact Phil Atkinson​.