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ERU Test Site Facility - Test Site Meteorology

Wind speed, wind direction, temperature, pressure, rainfall, relative humidity,  and insolation are measured minute-by-minute on the ERU test site. Data since 1987 are archived and are available to researchers.

The current data are also available in real time at The screen is refreshed at two minute intervals, and data is currently shown from anemometers at 7, 18 and 18.5m above the ground, a wind vane 18m above the ground, a 2m thermometer, a barometer, pyranometer, rain sensor and humidity probe.

This kind of data is very important when considering the siting of a wind turbine. For example, average windspeed will be slower closer to the ground and faster higher up due to the effect of friction - knowing how windspeed varies with height will help decide how tall a wind turbine tower should be - the power that can be got from the wind is proportional to the cube of the wind speed i.e. doubling the windspeed produces eight times as much power.

Temperature obviously varies through the year, and the amount of power in the wind is inversely proportional to its temperature i.e. a cold wind produces more power than a warm one.
Wind vane
Platinum Resistance Thermometer

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