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Energy Research Unit

Schools Resources: Using Renewable Energy

Electrical power is traditionally generated centrally then transmitted and distributed by an electricity grid - called the "National Grid" in Britain. This was for reasons of convenience, depending on where the fuel, e.g. coal, oil or gas, was available.

Electricity from renewable energy sources can also be used in this way, but it can also be generated and used locally as the resource, e.g. wind or solar, is generally quite spread out. This is an advantage where the transmission grid is "weak" or even non-existent such as on an island or in a remote third world region.

ERU has carried out research into the benefits of renewable energy when connected to or "integrated into" large, medium or small scale electricity networks.


Getting the energy from source to where it's needed


Energy Research Unit at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
Energy Research Unit
Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
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