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Energy Research Unit

List of ERU Projects in Alphabetical Order

Project List Wind Integration Storage Offshore Hydrogen Sustainability
Alpabetical Order
Acoustic Emission Proof Testing and Damage Assessment of Wind Turbine Blades (AEGIS) ends Oct 2002
Advanced Control Advice for Power Systems with Large Scale Integration of Renewable Energy Sources (CARE):   Jun 1999
Advanced Spectroscopic Techniques for the Optimisation of Photo-electrochemical Hydrogen Production   Mar 2009
ANEMOS   Sep 2006
Battery Charge Management for Minimum Cost PV Systems   Oct 2000
Characterisation of Damage in Wind Turbine Blade Tests using Thermoelastic Stress Analysis and Infra Red Thermography Images   Dec 2000
Development of Research Tools for Offshore Wind farms Implementation   Dec 1999
Damage Detection and Characterisation in Fibre-Reinforced Plastics using Infra Red Emissions   Jun 2001
Design, Structural Testing, and Cost Effectiveness of Sectional Wind Turbine Blades (SecBlades)   Nov 2000
Development of Test Procedures for Benchmarking Components in Renewable Energy Systems, in Particular Energy Storage Systems (BENCHMARKING)   Dec 2004
Feasibility of Building Mounted/Integrated Wind Turbines (BUWTs)   Jul 2004
Forecasting Wind Power   Jun 2004
Fuel Cells: Providing Heat and Power in the Urban Environment   Jul 2004
H2NET - the UK Hydrogen Energy Network   Jul 2007
High Performance Power Conditioner for Electricity Storage: Optimised Control of Charge and Discharge Currents in Batteries for Renewable Energy Systems   Aug 2001
Hydrogen Generation from Stand-Alone Wind-Powered Electrolysis Systems   Dec 1996
Hydrogen's Role in Reducing Greenhouse Gases   Jul 2004
Implementing Short-Term Prediction at Utilities   Dec 1998
Investigation on Storage Technologies for Intermittent Renewable Energies: Evaluation and Recommended R&D Strategy (INVESTIRE)   Oct 2003
MAXFARM (MAXimizing wind Farm Aerodynamic Resource via advanced Modelling)   Nov 2018
Maximising the Commercial Value of Wind Energy through Forecasting   Mar 2000
More Advanced Control Advice for Secure Operation of Isolated Power Systems with Increased Renewable Energy Penetration and Storage (MORE CARE)   Feb 2003
Offshore Wind Energy Network (OWEN)   Mar 2005
OPTIMAT BLADES: Reliable Optimal Use of Materials for Wind Turbine Rotor Blades   Apr 2006
Power Converters for Flywheel Energy Storage Systems   Oct 1998
Predicting Offshore Wind Energy Resources (POWER)   Jul 2001
SUPERGEN - Wind Energy Technologies Phase 1   Mar 2010
SUPERGEN - Wind Energy Technologies Phase 2   Mar 2014
SUPERGEN - Wind Hub   Jun 2019
Sustainable City - Assessment and Management of Urban Energy Demand   Mar 2000
UKERC - The UK Energy Research Centre   Apr 2019
UPWIND - Integrated Wind Turbine Design   Feb 2011
Valve-Regulated Battery with Improved Separators avoiding Electrolyte Stratification and Charge Controller for Low Cost Photovoltaic and Wind Installations   Mar 2000
Wind Energy For the Built Environment (WEB); Assessment of Wind Energy Utilisation Potential in Moderately Windy Built-up Areas   Aug 2000
Alpabetical Order

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Energy Research Unit
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