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Projects: Offshore Wind Energy

Project List Wind Integration Storage Offshore Hydrogen Sustainability

Project Title: Offshore Wind Energy Network (OWEN) Off-Shore Wind Turbine
Project Description: OWEN promoted research on all issues connected with development of the UK's offshore wind resource and encouraged co-operation and partnership between and commercial organisations and researchers
See OWEN Website
ERU Contact: Dr Jim Halliday
Duration: Oct 1998 to March 2002 and April 2002 to March 2005
Project Role Network co-ordinators
Funding Body: EPSRC [GR/M00886]

Project title: Predicting Offshore Wind Energy Resources (POWER)
Project description: POWER Project Logo, linking to websiteThis project addressed the European offshore wind energy industry's need for accurate predictions of the wind energy resource at offshore locations. A novel methodology was developed which can produce long-term and spatially detailed estimates of the wind conditions at offshore sites covering a wide area. Crucially, this methodology does not rely directly on offshore anemometry mast data (which are currently both temporally and spatially sparse and very expensive to gather) but instead the estimates are based on grids of atmospheric pressure data at mean sea level covering the area of interest. Within the POWER project, the new methodology was applied throughout European Union waters to produce, in effect, an offshore wind atlas for the region.
Further information, including the project final report, is available on the POWER Website.
ERU Contact: Dr Jim Halliday  
Duration: Aug 1998 to Jul 2001
Partners: STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, University of East Anglia, Risoe National Laboratory, Ecofys, KEMA Sustainable
Funding Body: European Commission [JOR3-CT98-0286]

Project Title: Development of Research Tools for Offshore Wind farms Implementation
Project Description:

Artist's impression of weathervaning MUFOWsThis project

  1. developed analytical and numerical design tools suitable for evaluating and optimising the designs for floating offshore wind farms;
  2. applied the tools developed to the Multi Unit Floating Offshore Wind farm (MUFOW) concept;
  3. performed parametric and feasibility studies on non-technical implementation issues.

The principal technical problems addressed within the project include development of analysis tools for modelling the interaction between the motion of a vessel in waves and the aerodynamic performance of wind turbines mounted upon it, determination of an optimum hull-form for a MUFOW structure including an investigation of secondary issues such as vessel weathervaning and development of tools to analyse blade and hub loads in vessel-mounted wind turbines. In addition, investigations on siting and cost considerations for floating offshore wind farms were completed and potential sites for development and the comparative cost of floating wind energy were assessed.
Project Summary: Multiple Unit Floating Offshore Windfarms (MUFOWs)

ERU Contact: Dr Jim Halliday  
Duration: Jan 1997 to Dec 1999
Partners: University College London, STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
Funding Body: EPSRC [GR/L10987/01]

Project List Wind Integration Storage Offshore Hydrogen Sustainability

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